Charlottenburg artificial bay

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Charlottenburg artificial bay

Factsheet: Charlottenburg artificial bay

Country DE
River Name Spree
Site Name Charlottenburg artificial bay
River Characterisation
    River typology
    Location (Lat Lon) 52.5299783485554, 13.2835757732391
    Altitude lowland: < 200 m
    Catchment area large: > 1000 - 10000 km2
    Geology Siliceous
    National code/
    River type name
    Type 15: mid-sized and large sand and loam-dominated lowland river
    Hydromorphological quality elements

    Biological quality elements
    Ecosystem Services
    EU Directives
    Project size 1 ha
    Approximate costs < 10 000 Euros
    Synergy yes
    Status Realised
    Period of realization 2004
    Evaluation Ecological change
    Implemented by Water and Navigation Authority

    Key features of the case study

    A 1200 m2 artificial bay has been constructed from a former small 15-m wide and 18-m deep harbour. The latter has been enlarged in its backward part by a shallow bay. The newly created banks have a gentle slope and sandy substrate. Immediately after construction there was an initial planting of aquatic macrophytes hampering the evaluation of natural recolonization by macrophytes.

    The site requires an unexpected high maintenance effort. It has to bee frequently cleaned from litter dropped off the cars on the highway bridge crossing this site.

    Measures selection

    Success criteria

    Ecological response

    Hydromorphological response

    Monitoring before and after implementation of the project

    Socio-economic aspects

    Contact person within the organization

    Extra background information

    Project report in German: Wolter, C. (2006) Fischerfassung in ausgewählten Bundeswasserstraßenabschnitten im Land Berlin. Studie im Auftrag der Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung

    Wolter, C. (2010) Functional vs scenic restoration – challenges to improve fish and fisheries in urban waters. Fisheries Management and Ecology 17: 176-185.

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