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Knowledge to assess and restore rivers, streams and floodplains

The categories below give direct links to the main knowledge topics in the wiki.

Hydrology and morphology

Information on the hydrological regime, river continuity and morphological conditions.
Biological Quality

The biological quality elements of the WFD (fish, benthic invertebrates, aquatic vegetation).
River Characterisation

A multi-scale and process-based hierarchical framework to characterise river types.

Hydromorphological pressures affecting European rivers, streams and floodplains with links to case-studies.

Information on sixty types of restoration and mitigation measures with links to case-studies.
Ecosystem Services (ES)

Description of ES in river environments. (Under construction).
EU Directives

Description of the main EU directives and information sources. (Under construction).

Know-how on river restoration (Case studies)

The case studies presented provide practitioners with valuable information about (1) the applicability of different measures, (2) what measures mitigate which pressures and (3) possible effects on hydro-morphology and biology when a project is evaluated.

Image google case study viewer.PNG River restoration measures (case studies)

A showcase of international case studies of river restoration measures mitigating pressures on river systems.

Planning and evaluating river status and river restoration (Tools)

Getting insight in a river system is the key to effective restoration planning. The category 'Tools' provides information on available tools for river assessment and river modelling.

Category tools icon FreeTools.jpg Tools for river restoration planning and design

A collection of tools for river restoration planning and design. Sub categories are Hydro-morphological Assessment methods and Hydromorphological models.

Linking Case studies, Knowledge and Tools

De REFORM-wiki contains three main parts: know-how (case studies), knowledge and evaluation (tools) that are all interlinked as shown in the figure below. In practice this means:

  • Every river restoration case study contains links to the WFD hydro-morphological quality elements; WFD biological quality elements; pressures and measures relevant for that case study.
  • Every listed pressure under Category:Pressures shows all the case studies where that pressure has impact.
  • Every listed restoration measure under Category:Measures shows all the case studies where that measure is applied.
  • Every tool listed is linked to the WFD Hydro-morphological and WFD Biological quality elements in HYMOQE and BQE.

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