River typology in Germany

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River typology in Germany

General description

"The German stream typology was first developed following a “top down” approach, based on general, primarily geomorphologic landscapes in Germany and subsequently delimited in more detail, down to different size classes within stream types. Following this a “bottom up” validation of the types based on similarity analyses of large data sets from reference sites, with as little anthropogenic impairment as possible. The expertise from the federal states gained over the last few years in dealing with stream types went into developing the system and describing the stream types. Since this process is not ultimately finished, the typology and the “profiles” should be considered “living documents”, subject to further iteration, which, with the increasing experience in dealing with the stream types will be updated."

( Pottgiesser, T. and Sommerhäuser, M. (2004): Profiles of German stream types)

Classification system

Type 1
Type 2
Type 3
Type 4
Type 5
Type 5_1
Type 6
Type 7
Type 9
Type 9_1
Type 9_2
Type 10
Type 11
Type 12
Type 14
Type 15
Type 16
Type 17
Type 18
Type 19
Type 20
Type 21
Type 22
Type 23


All the information on the German stream typology was taken from an official German website for the implementation of the Water Framework Directive called "WasserBLIcK" in April 2010 (http://www.wasserblick.net/servlet/is/18727/?lang=en). Please note that the German stream typology slightly changed in 2008 but the English version was not updated, yet.
A description of these changes is available in German in Pottgiesser and Sommerhäuser (2008).