1D analytical models for morphology on short time scales

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1D analytical models for morphology on short time scales


Hydromorphological models

Basic principles

Fundamental equations for conservation of water mass and water flow momentum under the assumption of steady flow, spatially averaged over cross-section segments and time-averaged over all turbulent fluctuations. Equilibrium sediment transport predictor. Exner equation for conservation of sediment mass.


Flow velocities, water depths, water levels, flow shear stresses. Sediment transport, bed level, erosion, sedimentation.


Related Pressures

Related Measures

Useful references

Selected software systems

Theoretical background

Jansen P.Ph., van Bendegom L., van den Berg J., de Vries M., Zanen A. (1979): Principles of river engineering; The non-tidal alluvial river. Pitman, London.

Sample applications