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What's wrong?

What's in this wiki? Click image to return to the overview of river basin management plan.

The second stage of river basin planning is to assess what is wrong. In case you jumped here without scanning the How does my river work? section, be advised to check that section first.

REFORM researched methods for assessing the hydromorphology (HYMO) and biological elements. We follow the selection of elements used in the [water framework directive] for river quality assessment. Click the links of HYMO quality elements or Biological quality elements for detailed information.

In REFORM we focused on linking hydromorphology to biology, notably water plants, macro-invertebrats (aquatic insects) and fish. To do this we:

  • developed hydromorphological assessment methods;
  • identified potential links from hydromorphology to biology (waterplants, macroinvertebrats and fish);
  • were able to link several biological states to hydromorphological states;
  • developed and tested useful indicators;
  • and produced recommendations for hydromorphological and biological indicators to show what is wrong with your river.

HYMO assessment methods

Useful biological indicators


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