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This is a list of system messages available in the MediaWiki namespace. Please visit MediaWiki Localisation and if you wish to contribute to the generic MediaWiki localisation.

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Name Default message text
Current message text
filehist-current (Talk) (Translate) current
filehist-datetime (Talk) (Translate) Date/Time
filehist-deleteall (Talk) (Translate) delete all
filehist-deleteone (Talk) (Translate) delete
filehist-dimensions (Talk) (Translate) Dimensions
filehist-filesize (Talk) (Translate) File size
filehist-help (Talk) (Translate) Click on a date/time to view the file as it appeared at that time.
filehist-nothumb (Talk) (Translate) No thumbnail
filehist-revert (Talk) (Translate) revert
filehist-thumb (Talk) (Translate) Thumbnail
filehist-thumbtext (Talk) (Translate) Thumbnail for version as of $1
filehist-user (Talk) (Translate) User
filejournal-fail-dbconnect (Talk) (Translate) Could not connect to the journal database for storage backend "$1".
filejournal-fail-dbquery (Talk) (Translate) Could not update the journal database for storage backend "$1".
filemissing (Talk) (Translate) File missing
filename (Talk) (Translate) Filename
filename-bad-prefix (Talk) (Translate) The name of the file you are uploading begins with <strong>"$1"</strong>, which is a non-descriptive name typically assigned automatically by digital cameras. Please choose a more descriptive name for your file.
filename-prefix-blacklist (Talk) (Translate) #<!-- leave this line exactly as it is --> <pre> # Syntax is as follows: # * Everything from a "#" character to the end of the line is a comment # * Every non-blank line is a prefix for typical filenames assigned automatically by digital cameras CIMG # Casio DSC_ # Nikon DSCF # Fuji DSCN # Nikon DUW # some mobile phones IMG # generic JD # Jenoptik MGP # Pentax PICT # misc. #</pre> <!-- leave this line exactly as it is -->
filename-toolong (Talk) (Translate) Filenames may not be longer than 240 bytes.
filename-tooshort (Talk) (Translate) The filename is too short.
filenotfound (Talk) (Translate) Could not find file "$1".
filepage-nofile (Talk) (Translate) No file by this name exists.
filepage.css (Talk) (Translate) /* CSS placed here is included on the file description page, also included on foreign client wikis */
filepageexists (Talk) (Translate) The description page for this file has already been created at <strong>[[:$1]]</strong>, but no file with this name currently exists. The summary you enter will not appear on the description page. To make your summary appear there, you will need to manually edit it. [[$1|thumb]]
filereadonlyerror (Talk) (Translate) Unable to modify the file "$1" because the file repository "$2" is in read-only mode. The administrator who locked it offered this explanation: "$3".
filerenameerror (Talk) (Translate) Could not rename file "$1" to "$2".
filereuploadsummary (Talk) (Translate) File changes:
filerevert (Talk) (Translate) Revert $1
filerevert-badversion (Talk) (Translate) There is no previous local version of this file with the provided timestamp.
filerevert-comment (Talk) (Translate) Reason:
filerevert-defaultcomment (Talk) (Translate) Reverted to version as of $2, $1
filerevert-intro (Talk) (Translate) You are about to revert the file <strong>[[Media:$1|$1]]</strong> to the [$4 version as of $3, $2].
filerevert-legend (Talk) (Translate) Revert file
filerevert-submit (Talk) (Translate) Revert
filerevert-success (Talk) (Translate) <strong>[[Media:$1|$1]]</strong> has been reverted to the [$4 version as of $3, $2].
filesource (Talk) (Translate) Source:
filestatus (Talk) (Translate) Copyright status:
filetype-bad-ie-mime (Talk) (Translate) Cannot upload this file because Internet Explorer would detect it as "$1", which is a disallowed and potentially dangerous file type.
filetype-badmime (Talk) (Translate) Files of the MIME type "$1" are not allowed to be uploaded.
filetype-banned (Talk) (Translate) This type of file is banned.
filetype-banned-type (Talk) (Translate) <strong>".$1"</strong> {{PLURAL:$4|is not a permitted file type|are not permitted file types}}. Permitted {{PLURAL:$3|file type is|file types are}} $2.
filetype-mime-mismatch (Talk) (Translate) File extension ".$1" does not match the detected MIME type of the file ($2).
filetype-missing (Talk) (Translate) The file has no extension (like ".jpg").
filetype-unwanted-type (Talk) (Translate) <strong>".$1"</strong> is an unwanted file type. Preferred {{PLURAL:$3|file type is|file types are}} $2.
fileuploadsummary (Talk) (Translate) Summary:
filewasdeleted (Talk) (Translate) A file of this name has been previously uploaded and subsequently deleted. You should check the $1 before proceeding to upload it again.
fix-double-redirects (Talk) (Translate) Update any redirects that point to the original title
forecasteradmin (Talk) (Translate) Reform Admin
forecasteradmin-desc (Talk) (Translate) Admin interface to Reform database
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