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The REFORM wiki contributes to four key stages for setting up a River Basin management plan. The wiki is structured accordingly. To navigate, click on the image or the the menu on the left.

How does my river work?How can we improve? Programme of measuresWhat's wrong?How can we improve? Identifying potential measuresBase structure wiki total.PNG
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How does my river work?

Basic knowledge on your stream will hugely improve your restoration success. This section of the wiki will introduce you to the knowledge developed in REFORM to characterise your river and its services.

What's wrong?

Assessing your river's condition will show if restoration is needed. REFORM researched hydromorphological and biological metrics and relates those to hydromorphological pressures. This sections shows possible metrics and their ability to help identify the effect of hydromorphological pressures in your river.

How can we improve? Identifying potential measures

Based on the basic characteristics of your river, the catchment and the river condition, a selection of measure categories can be made. You have an idea of the restoration potential and a catalog of possible measures. The next step will further detail the restoration programme.

How can we improve? Programme of measures

After the restoration potential has been established, you need to further detail the exact measure you want to apply in your river. This section helps you plan and implement restoration measures using a simple planning cycle.
Once the measures have been implemented their effect on the river condition can be re-evaluated and so completing the main river basin management cycle.