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Factsheet: Haselünne

Country DE
River Name Hase
Site Name Haselünne
River Characterisation
    River typology
    Location (Lat Lon) 52.6837191809208, 7.40169525146484
    Altitude lowland: < 200 m
    Catchment area large: > 1000 - 10000 km2
    Geology Siliceous
    National code/
    River type name
    Type 15

    Biological quality elements
    Ecosystem Services
    EU Directives
    Project size 7 km
    Approximate costs > 1 000 000 Euros
    Synergy Flood protection
    Status Realised
    Period of realization 1997-2001
    Evaluation Hydromorphological changes
    Implemented by Landkreis Emsland (district Emsland), NGO Haseauenverein (www.haseauenverein.de)

    Key features of the case study

    Project area, city of Haselünne in western part, map from http://www.haseauenverein.de/eunde.html

    The main objective of the project was to re-connect the channel and the adjacent floodplain area and to re-connect side-channels. The total amount of money available for the project was 10.2 million Euro.

    Natural flow dynamics were restored to allow for periodic flooding. About 450 ha of agricultural land in the Hase floodplain were aquired which are now used as grassland or left to natural succession. Summer dikes were removed and side-channels re-connected near Lahre and Lehrte. Maintenance works were reduced to a minimum which had a positive effect especially on beaver populations.

    Special attention was given to stakeholder participation (agriculture, water management, nature conservation), to inform the public and to touristic aspects.

    Site description

    Measures selection

    Success criteria

    Ecological response

    Hydromorphological response

    Monitoring before and after implementation of the project

    A monitoring of the hydromorphological changes has been carried out by the University of Osnabrück, Department of Biology and Chemistry.

    Socio-economic aspects

    Contact person within the organization

    Extra background information


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