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REFORM river restoration wiki

Guidance and tools for hydromorphological assessment and physical restoration of rivers and streams in Europe

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Hydromorphology and river restoration

Flowing water, inundation, erosion, sedimentation ... These are key processes for river and floodplain ecosystems from the realm of hydromorphology. Yet the European Water Framework Directive pays little attention to hydromorphological processes. That is why the European Commission funded the REFORM project for improving the success of hydromorphological restoration measures. This wiki guides the practitioner along the results.

Why this wiki?

Successful river restoration calls for understanding the complex systems of hydromorphology and ecology. Processes operate at different scales, different disciplines play a role, and different species depend on hydromorphology in different ways. River restoration practitioners face the challenge of finding their way in this complexity when developing an integrated design. This wiki provides them with guidance. It structures the information along the different stages of restoration projects and river basin management plans. It offers quick access to key information, with links to deeper background information ranging from case-study experiences to scientific publications.

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The REFORM web-based tool is a knowledge and information system relating hydromorphology and ecology of European rivers and has been developed as part of the projects REFORM and FORECASTER funded by the European Commission, IWRM-Net and Delft Cluster.