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Factsheet: Gameren

Country NL
River Name Waal
Site Name Gameren
River Characterisation
River typology
Location (Lat Lon) 51.8062000807445, 5.20940780639648
Altitude lowland: < 200 m
Catchment area very large: > 10000 km2
Geology Calcareous
National code/
River type name

Biological quality elements
Ecosystem Services
EU Directives
Morphological alterations
Management of rivers and floodplains
Working with physical form and function of river and floodplains
Changes to cross section geometry
Project size 12 ha
Approximate costs 0
Synergy flood protection
Status Planned
Period of realization 1996/1997
Evaluation 2


View on side channel set of Floodplain "Gameren", downstream direction. Photo: Rijkswaterstaat (NL)

The reconstruction of secondary channels has become an important issue in view of flood protection and nature rehabilitation of the lowland parts of the river Rhine. To maintain safety against flooding at increased river discharges, heightening the dikes is no longer opted for. Instead, measures are considered to increase the discharge capacity of the floodplains. One of these measures involves the reconstruction of secondary channels. The objective is to increase the discharge capacity and simultaneously restore floodplain nature (Silva et al., 2001; Wolfert, 2001). Since the nineties, man-made secondary channels have been constructed in the river Rhine. Monitoring shows that these channels provide suitable habitat for rheophilic macroinvertebrates and fish (Grift, 2001; Simons et al., 2001). ==References==