Olivenza. Hydrological and Forestry Restoration of the Olivenza riverside.

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Olivenza. Hydrological and Forestry Restoration of the Olivenza riverside.

Factsheet: Olivenza. Hydrological and Forestry Restoration of the Olivenza riverside.

Country ES
River Name Olivenza
Site Name Olivenza. Hydrological and Forestry Restoration of the Olivenza riverside.
River Characterisation
    River typology
    Location (Lat Lon) 38.7696103193883, -7.13244438171387
    Altitude mid-altitude: 200 - 800 m
    Catchment area medium: > 100 - 1000 km2
    Geology Siliceous
    National code/
    River type name
    1 Ríos de llanuras silíceas del Tajo y del Guadiana.

    Biological quality elements
    Ecosystem Services
    EU Directives
    Project size -1
    Approximate costs > 1 000 000 Euros
    Synergy proximity of SCI ES4310027
    Status Realised
    Period of realization 2006-2007
    Implemented by Confederación Hidrográfica del Guadiana. Ministry of Environment

    Key features of the case study

    • Proximity of croplands.
    • Demand of flood protection from the farmers.
    • Proximity of the SCI ES4310027 'international Guadiana River. "

    Site description

    The Olivenza river is tributary to the Guadiana river. The area of actuation is not included in the Natura 2000 network but includes a riparian forest consisting of ash tree like the main species. The environmental value of the riparian forest may be considered for its funtions of corridor and buffer.

    Measures selection

    This should not figure here as a an ecological and hidromorphological restoration project. In fact, the project was design for flood protection, pursued by the construction of levees and weirs.
    Some of the measures can improve the structure and composition of the riparian vegetation: silvicultural treatments (clearing, pruning), elimination of invasive species and plantation of native species.
    To improve the hydraulic capacity of the river, as a way to prevent floodings, the woody debris have been removed from the channel, what can be considered an innapropiate measure, but understood if we consider the social context and the point of view of the farmers who cultivate at the floodplain. Also, 4.900 m3 of sediments were removed from the river channel.
    The engineering measures considered for flood protection include transversal hydrological correction works, with the construction of five weirs (0,6 m height) and longitudinal spots over 550 m.

    The Olivenza riparian corridor is fragmentated at some reaches. The plantation of native species is one of the measures aimed to improve the composition and structure of the vegetation

    Olivenza riparian corridor

    Success criteria

    Ecological response

    Hydromorphological response

    Monitoring before and after implementation of the project

    Socio-economic aspects

    • The project came up by initiative of the Comunidad de Regantes del embalse de Piedra Aguda (irrigation community).
    • The total budget of the project was of 1.329.092,53 €.

    Contact person within the organization

    Samuel Moraleda Ludeña
    Comisario de Aguas de la Confederación Hidrográfica del Guadiana

    Extra background information

    The General Department of Biodiversity of the Ministry of Environment made a report the 11th July of 2005 where declared that the implementation of the project would increase the artificiality of the flow regime, affecting, at the end, on the Guadiana river, where are located habitats of community interest(Pyro pastures bourgaeanae-Quercetum rotumdifoleae and Salicetum salvifoliolambertinae).
    The mitigation measures proposed by the General Department of Biodiversity were accepted by the project promoter, reducing the potential impact over these habitats.


    Resolution of April 27th, 2006, the General Secretariat for the Pollution and Climate Change Prevention, adopting the decision to waive the Environmental Impact Assessment of the Project "Hydrological Restoration of Olivenza riverside 2nd Stage (Badajoz)", promoted by the Guadiana Hydrographic Confederation. [1]
    Rivers and wetlands restoration measures at the Guadiana basin. [2]

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