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REFORM is a EU funded project which ran from september 2011 to september 2015. The overall aim of REFORM is to provide a framework for improving the success of hydromorphological restoration measures to reach, in a cost-effective manner, target ecological status or potential of rivers.

Success is defined as being hydromorphologically sustainable, ecologically effective, and exploiting the full potential within the socio-economic setting.

Cost-effective implies an optimisation of both ecosystem health and the goods and services that natural, modified and restored rivers, floodplains and connected groundwater provide.

To achieve this aim the REFORM consortium will develop protocols and procedures to monitor the biological response to hymorphological change with greater precision, to support the design of programmes of restoration and mitigation measures for the WFD, in particular for the upcoming 2nd round of RMBPs, and to integrate restoration better with socio-economic activities.