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Welcome to the REFORM web-based tool! This is a knowledge and information system relating hydromorphology and ecology of European rivers and has been developed as part of the projects REFORM and FORECASTER funded by the European Commission, IWRM-Net and Delft Cluster.

The system presents a compilation of case studies describing the output from restoration and rehabilitation projects and is intended to help practitioners by presenting experiences about success or failure of the application of different measures.

The system is set up as a GEO-WIKI. Google maps are used as a gateway to the case studies and wiki pages are used to present relevant information about the implementation of the projects. Users can consult the tool either geographically or by theme using filter or free search options. Moreover, they can contribute to improve the information in the system by adding or updating relevant information in the wiki pages

At the core of the web-based tool are the Case studies. These are examples of restoration and rehabilitation projects. The case studies provide the link between hydromorphological pressures, possible restoration and rehabilitation measures, and expected effects on the physical environment (using Hydromorphological quality elements, HYMOQE's), and biota (using Biological Quality elements, BQE's). Each case study has an associated wiki page containing maps and additional information about the implementation of the project.

The system also contains wiki pages with general descriptions and background information about:

  • River Characterisation
  • Hydromorphological Pressures
  • Restoration and rehabilitation Measures
  • Tools
  • Ecosystem services
  • EU directives
  • WFD Biological Quality Elements BQE
  • WFD Hydromorphological Quality Elements HYMOQE.

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How to contribute to the system

Everybody is encouraged to contribute to the system:

  • Relevant information can be added to the wiki pages by registered users. Follow the link at the top right corner of this page to create your log-in account. Editing rights are preceded by an email request procedure.
  • Information for new case studies can be sent to any of the partners of FORECASTER (Contact information) to be reviewed. If the information is considered appropriate and relevant it will be included in the Database.

Please bear in mind that any information you provide is being provided freely, and that no kind of agreement or contract is created between you and the owners or users of this site. Please remember always to acknowledge the original sources of the information.

  • Help us to preserve the quality of the information by reporting any abuse you detect (e.g. insertion of advertisements or spam) to forecaster@deltares.nl

The history of changes of the wiki pages is stored in the system and used to track the contributions from the different users. Misuse of the granted access rights will give cause to the Administrator to block the user or remove him altogether from the system.

Particular instructions about how to add information to the systems are provided in the User's Manual:

General information about how to work with the wiki language can be found in the World Wide Web. Some useful references are:


This web-based tool is an online open-content repository of information about river restoration experiences. Its structure allows anyone with an Internet connection and World Wide Web browser to alter its contents. Therefore, the FORECASTER consortium does not take responsibility for the veracity and completeness of the information entered in the WIKI pages, nor is liable for the use that third parties may give to this information. Readers are adviced to review the information critically.