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Restoration in the Jarama river at the locality El Molar. An abandoned gravel pit was restored by designing the alternative channel close to the natural river bed. == Media:Jarama_Restoration2001.pdf=El Molar

Factsheet: El Molar

Country ES
River Name Jarama
Site Name El Molar
River Characterisation
River typology
Location (Lat Lon) 40.6972339347745, -3.54300498962402
Altitude mid-altitude: 200 - 800 m
Catchment area large: > 1000 - 10000 km2
Geology Siliceous
National code/
River type name

Biological quality elements
Ecosystem Services
EU Directives
Point source pollution
Organic siltation
Water abstractions
Water abstraction
Morphological alterations
Channelisation/Cross section alteration
Working with physical form and function of river and floodplains
Use of engineering techniques to assist natural recovery
Reconnect and restore historic aquatic habitats
Recreation of gravel bars and riffles
Bank reprofilling
Habitat creation
Introduce riparian vegetation/green corridors
Project size 24 ha
Approximate costs 300000
Synergy -
Status Realised
Period of realization 2003
Evaluation Yes