Numerical meander models

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Factsheet: Numerical meander models

Category Hydromorphological models
River Characterisation

Numerical meander models


Hydromorphological models

Basic principles

Linearized fundamental equations for conservation of water mass and water flow momentum, spatially averaged over water depth and time-averaged over all turbulent fluctuations. Linearized parameterized relation for effect of helical flow on bed shear stress direction. Empirical bank migration predictor. Possibly linearized equilibrium sediment transport predictor. Possibly linearized empirical relation for effect of sloping beds on sediment transport magnitude and direction. Linearized Exner equation for conservation of sediment mass.


Flow velocities, water depths, water levels, flow shear stresses. Sediment transport, bed level, bank erosion, meander migration.


Related Pressures

Related Measures

Useful references

Selected software systems


Theoretical background

Crosato A. (1989): Meander migration prediction. Excerpta, GNI, Vol.4, Libreria Progetto, Padova, pp.169-198.

Crosato: A. (2008): Analysis and modelling of river meandering. PhD thesis, Delft University of Technology, IOS Press, ISBN 978-1-58603-915-8.

Ikeda S., Parker G., Sawai K. (1981): Bend theory of river meanders, Part 1, Linear development. J. Fluid Mech., vol.112, pp.363-377.

Sample applications