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Information contained in the WIKI of a case study

Site name

Key features of the case study

-> Short summary (max.100 words).   

Site description

-> Particular conditions of the site: size, river type, type of pressures, ecological status, etc.

Measures selection

-> Motivation/argumentation behind the selection of the measures implemented.

Success criteria

-> Brief description of the parameters used to assess the success of the project.

Ecological response

-> Brief description of observed effects of the measures over different types of organisms.
* Phytoplankton
* Macrophytes and phytobenthos
* Benthic Invertebrates
* Fish
* Other biota

Hydromorphological response

-> Brief description of observed effects of the measures over different hydromorphological elements.
* Hydrological regime
* River continuity
* Morphological conditions

Monitoring before and after implementation of the project

-> Brief description of available records and data ownership.

Socio-economic aspects

-> Brief description of socio-economic conditions in the site of the project and how the implementation of the project affects other ecosystem goods and services (e.g. recreation, water purification, flood protection, forestry, etc) 
* Ecosystem goods and services: 
* Conflicts and synergies:

Project costs

-> Description of the budget allocated to the different stages of the project

Contact person within the organization

-> Full name and email address of a person within the organisation that implemented the project who can provide more detailed information.  

Extra background information

-> Any other information about the project can be listed here.  Links can be made to other websites where the project is mentioned.  Support documents can be uploaded (e.g. photos, pdf files, etc).


-> All sources of information used to write the wiki page must be acknowledged here.