Renaturierung Untere Havel

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Renaturierung Untere Havel

Factsheet: Renaturierung Untere Havel

Country DE
River Name Havel
Site Name Renaturierung Untere Havel
River Characterisation
    River typology
    Location (Lat Lon) 52.7546329038649, 12.216796875
    Altitude lowland: < 200 m
    Catchment area very large: > 10000 km2
    Geology Siliceous
    National code/
    River type name
    Type 20: very large sand-dominated river
    Hydromorphological quality elements

    Biological quality elements
    Ecosystem Services
    EU Directives
    Project size 8900 ha
    Approximate costs > 1 000 000 Euros
    Synergy yes with tourism
    Status In progress
    Period of realization 2005-2018
    Evaluation Hydromorphological and ecological changes
    Implemented by NABU Naturschutzbund Deutschland

    Key features of the case study

    core area of measures 8900 ha along a 90 km river stretch, total area of planning unit 18 700 ha

    Measures selection

    Success criteria

    Ecological response

    Hydromorphological response

    Monitoring before and after implementation of the project

    Socio-economic aspects

    project information and downloads at project leader Rocco Buchta Projektbüro Untere Havelniederung Ferdinand-Lassalle-Str. 10 14712 Rathenow

    Extra background information


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