2DH numerical hydrodynamic models

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Factsheet: 2DH numerical hydrodynamic models

Category Hydromorphological models
River Characterisation

2DH numerical hydrodynamic models


Hydromorphological models

Basic principles

Fundamental equations for conservation of water mass and water flow momentum, spatially averaged over water depth (hence “H” for horizontal plane in “2DH”) and time-averaged over all turbulent fluctuations (RANS = Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes equation) or time-averaged over only the smaller turbulent fluctuations (LES = Large Eddy Simulation)


Flow velocities, water depths, water levels, flow shear stresses


Related Pressures

Related Measures

Useful references

Selected software systems

AQUADYN: http://www.scisoftware.com/environmental_softwar/detailed_description.php?products_id=76

Basement: http://www.basement.ethz.ch/

CCHE2D: http://www.ncche.olemiss.edu/cche2d

Delft3D: http://www.deltaressystems.com/hydro/product/621497/delft3d-suite

FLO-2D: http://www.flo-2d.com/

FLUMEN: http://www.fluvial.ch/p/flumen.html

HydroAS-2D: http://www2.hydrotec.de/vertrieb/hydro_as_2d

Mike21: http://www.mikebydhi.com/Products/WaterResources/MIKE21C.aspx

Mike Flood: http://www.mikebydhi.com/Products/WaterResources/MIKEFLOOD.aspx

River 2D: http://www.river2d.ualberta.ca/


Rubar20: http://www.irstea.fr/rubar20

SOBEK1D2D: http://www.deltaressystems.com/hydro/product/108282/sobek-suite

Telemac2D: http://www.opentelemac.org/


Theoretical background

Anderson M.G. (ed.) (2000): Special Issue: The TELEMAC Modelling System. Hydrological Processes, Vol. 14, pp. 2207-2364. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/1099-1085%28200009%2914:13%3C%3E1.0.CO;2-6/issuetoc

Beffa C. (2003): 2D-Strömungssimulation mit Flumen. ÖWAV-Seminar 26.-27.2.2003 "Fließgewässermodellierung - von der Ein-zur Merhdimensionalität?!", Wien.

DHI (2007): MIKE 21 & MIKE 3 flow model FM, Hydrodynamic and Transport Module Scientific Documentation, DHI Water & Environment, Hørsholm, Denmark.

Leendertse J.J. (1967): Aspects of a computer model for long period water-wave propagation. Memorandum RM-5294-PR, Rand Corporation, Santa Monica.

Yafei J. and Khan A.A. (2001): CCHE2D: Two-dimensional Hydrodynamic and Sediment Transport Model for Unsteady Open Channel Flows over Loose bed. Technical Report, National Center for Computational Hydroscience and Engineering, The University of Mississippi, USA.

Sample applications

Hauer C., Unfer G., Schmutz S., Tritthart M. and Habersack, H. (2007): The necessity of modelling the stability of rheophilous cyprinids spawning grounds including comparing 1D, 2D and 3D numerical models. Proc. 6th Ecohydraulics Symposium, 18.-23.2.2007, Christchurch, Neuseeland.

Kahn A.A., Cadacid R. and Wang S.S.-Y. (2000): Simulation of Channel Confluence and Bifurcation using CCHE2D Model. Journal of Water and Maritime Engineering, The Institution of Civil Engineers/IAHR, Vol. 142.