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The case studies presented below are a compilation of examples of river restoration and rehabilitation projects describing the effect that given measures may have on the hydromorphology and ecology of different water bodies. These examples are intended to provide practitioners with valuable information about the applicability of different measures.

There are various ways of accessing the information:

  • Click on the icon in the map to see the information for a given case study.
  • Use the Filter menu below of the map to select case studies for particular criteria.
  • Use the alphabetical list of case studies further below the map.

REFORM river restoration field research sites

One of the aims in REFORM was to analyze the effects of restoration measures throughout Europe (click here for more info). Special field study sites were selected for this. Each study site was targeted with the same array of methods, covering floodplain hydromorphology, river hydromorphology, stable isotopes (N and C), riparian vegetation, macrophytes, benthic invertebrates and fish. The REFORM sites are part of the wiki, and links to their wiki pages are given in the table below.

REFORM river restoration case-study sites
AT_R1: Drava River near Kleblach, Austria AT_R2: River Enns near Aich, Austria
CH_R1: Thur river near Altikon, Switzerland CH_R2: Töss river, Switzerland
CZ_R1: Becva river,Czech Republic CZ_R1: CZ_R2: Morava river, Czech Republic
DM_R1: Ruhr river near Binnerfeld, Germany DM_R2: Lahn river near Cölbe, Germany
FI_R1: Vääräjoki river, Finnland FI_R2: Kuivajoki river, Finnland
SE_R1: Emån river, Sweden SE_R2: Mörrumsån river, Sweden
DK_R1: Skern river, Denmark DK_R2: Stora river, Denmark
DL_R1: Lippe river Klostermersch, Germany DL_R2: Spree river Mönchswinkel, Germany
NL_R1: Regge river, Netherlands NL_R2: Dommel river, Netherlands
PL_R1: Narew river, Poland PL_R2: Warta river, Poland

River restoration case studies

Filter options:

Hydro-morphological QE
Biological QE
Ecosystem Services
EU directives and policies

Every case study has a separate wiki-page, on this page you find:

  • A factsheet summarizes the basic information about the project.
  • A wiki page contains the factsheet, a google map indicating the location of the project, and a free-text section where a more detailed description of the project can be given.
  • Extra background information can be uploaded at the bottom of the wiki page. This can be in the form of reports in their original language or links to other sources of information.

Use the information with caution: The REFORM consortium does not take responsibility for the veracity and completeness of the information presented here, and is not liable for the use that third parties may give to it. Practitioners are urged to review the information critically, duly considering the original sources and the intrinsic differences between study sites which may affect the transferability of results.

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